At Our Core


The Shah Family Foundation supports innovative and transformative work in education, healthcare and the community. We believe that interesting and lasting solutions sit where these intersect. Our primary work and support is centered in Boston, with the goal of sharing broadly the programs and innovations that prove successful in our home town.


We believe healthy, nourished, engaged children make better students.


Students who discover their passion also feel purpose and confidence.

In many schools and school systems, these conditions exist. In others, they do not. We want to understand WHY and support the work being done to create superb learning environments and lasting changes in education to positively impact all students.

We believe patients and caregivers are critical partners in a strong healthcare system.


Transparency is Key

If it was easier for patients and caregivers to navigate the healthcare system, they would be able to play an informed role in transforming and improving it. Transparency is a key component to engaging, educating and improving the system and lowering costs.

We know that it is significantly harder to access and leverage the healthcare system when you are a part of the underserved population in America. We want to understand WHY and support the work being done to improve patient engagement and access to excellent healthcare and preventative care.

We believe communities are powerful. Leadership, intention, passion, purpose, love and wealth all impact communities.


Healthy, Robust Communities Help Boston Thrive

Underserved communities benefit from strong and consistent leadership, positive intentions, passion, purpose, love and wealth. We want to understand WHY particular programs and interventions have positive impact, and support the work that is being done to help Boston communities thrive