A Call to Action: Education Panel

Links and resources from the event


CATALYSTS FOR CHANGE PODCAST by The Shah Family Foundation


We discussed four of BPS’s working group at the April 30th A Call To Action: Education Panel event. Below are links that provide overviews of the scope of work for each group as well as notes that emerged from discussions at the event.


The Barr Foundation’s, in partnership with EY-Parthenon, analysis detailing the challenges facing public high school students who fall off track recommending five components of integrated approach to ensure high-quality for all.


The Boston Globe’s look at the City's top students from 2005 to 2007 to change the world. But then life happened and many strayed from their dreams.


The Opportunity Agenda's look at High School Indicators of Post-Secondary Outcomes in Boston.


The Boston Foundation's look at student achievement in Boston Public Schools from 2007 - 2017.