Orin Gutlerner - Director of Education

PAST LIFE: Orin has spent over two decades working as an educator serving low-income communities. Most recently, he was the Chief Academic Officer of the Match Charter Public Schools in Boston and the founding director of Match's teacher residency program and graduate school of education. He got started on this journey as an elementary and middle school teacher in rural North Carolina in one of the early cohorts of Teach for America. He holds a B.A. in Sociology from the University of Wisconsin and a Master's in Education from Harvard. 

FAVORITE THING ABOUT MY JOB: Working on a team that is willing to be boldly innovative and entrepreneurial in our approach to solving the toughest, most important problems in education. 

IF I COULD WAVE A MAGIC WAND: I would travel back in time and reroute the course of American history towards a future that is more racially and economically just than our present reality. (And if there were any juice left in the wand and time machine after doing that, I'd show up in a Celtics uniform for Game 7 vs. the Cavs and drop 30 points to get us into the NBA Finals.)

PERSONAL: Orin and his wife, Johanna, live in Dorchester and are the proud parents of two amazing kids who attend the Boston Public Schools. He loves playing, coaching and watching hoops; taking long runs in Boston; hiking in the woods with his family and dog; going to Fenway Park; and playing guitar and blues harmonica.