Boston Public Schools and BPS Food & Nutrition Services

What they do: 

Central management of Boston Public School’s food program, which serves 56,000 children in 126 schools.            

Why they do it

To manage the 100% federally subsidized food program and feed Boston’s public school students multiple times per day.

Why we’re involved

To get fresh, locally prepared food to all BPS kids, every day.  Here’s the story: approximately 75% of BPS schools have “satellite kitchens” which are comprised of only a warming oven and a freezer.  Food is produced out of state, wrapped in plastic, and shipped to Boston, where it is heated – in plastic – and served to kids.  We don’t love this.  Many parents, students, teachers and administrators don’t love this either.  We know there is a better way. To change this requires significant transformation of the menu, procurement strategies, kitchen spaces, staffing and general, logistical thinking.  You can’t test changes within the US subsidized budget, and so we are providing thought capital, sweat equity, strategic planning and funding to bridge the costs to help BPS get to a place – within three years – where all food is prepared locally, in kitchens that are equipped to prepare, heat and serve fresh, delicious food.